Die Before You Die

A 5-day Conscious Death Journey

In this meditative healing journey inspired by Sufis and Shamans, a space is created for deep inner transformation. Supported at times by live music, this is a powerful process that enhances your sense of profound freedom so as to flow lovingly with Life’s rhythm. Breathing, relaxing, receiving and enjoying who you really are, and realizing your true nature as an essential part of the Organic Whole – are just some of the key themes you’ll experience in these five days.


Experience how your energy becomes liberated on this journey as you acknowledge the attachments, identifications, and patterns that cause suffering in your life. Using meditations, the powerful healing technique “From Separation To Unity” and connecting with the science supporting this process, a shift through the filters and limits of ego and personality is happening. As a result, you reconnect with your natural state of Love and beauty as you realize your true Nature again.

When you relax and surrender to trust, energy will be liberated. You experience a wonderful space, a bridge is created between your awareness and the inherent intelligence of your heart. Your energy now moves freely and reconnects you with Love. The celebration of beauty and the mystery of life and death can truly begin!

Meditation is an effort to die voluntarily. And in deep meditation one dies. In deep meditation, the so-called life disappears and for the first time you encounter death. That experience of encountering death makes you deathless. Suddenly you transcend death. Suddenly you know –that which is going to die is not you. All that you can die, you are not. You are neither your body nor your mind nor your self. You are simply pure space, which is never born and never dies”