FSTU Sessions

This is a healing system that arose intuitively and continues
to be in alignment with the latest scientific research into Heart Consciousness.

In this inward journey of Remembrance, you will experience the joy of shining light on self-imposed filters that are the limitations of your ego and personality. It is such filters that block the natural flow of Love and awareness. As you progress on this journey, all your self-imposed boundaries start dissolving, and expansion into your authentic limitless being is facilitated.

Inner connection
From a healing space of trust, presence, and stillness, you move within the atmosphere of qualities, reconnecting with your potential and allowing the unbounded flow of Love and Truth that is always available to you.
Using breath, body awareness, and the energetics of the heart, you will explore the ancient technique of gazing into the left eye of another participant. This simple yet powerful process results in the natural effect of experiencing the dissolving of self-imposed barriers that ordinarily create separation. As the infinite flow of Love, Truth, and Awareness expands, you can then receive the gift of heart healing.

Through this gentle yet powerful technique, all your energy is channeled through the heart. The mind quietens and becomes silent as the unconditional healing flow of Love pervades your presence. This experience results in a lower(ed) level of stress and anxiety, clarity in the issues that hinder you from fully enjoying living in the moment, and an expansion of trust. You will experience the joy that results from resonating with the unity that already exists and brings you closer to the wholeness of existence.
As you remember and reconnect with the inherent intelligence of the heart, you will relax into your true nature as a part of the Organic Whole.

This structure incorporates breathing, relaxing, receiving, remembering and owning the experience in every cell of your body with existential joy.
‘From Separation to Unity’ (FSTU) is a meditative journey created by Kaifi for individuals, couples and groups.


Become the Painter of your life!